Cast Required for 'The Time Bubble' Feature Film

Oxford, UK. Apply from all UK.

Casting complete. Applications are now closed.

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The Time Bubble is a time travel novel by author Jason Ayres. Initially released in 2014, the book has been very well received on Amazon Kindle and we are now working to develop the story into a feature film. We are aiming to launch a Kickstarter campaign in the early summer of this year but before we do, we are keen to get cast and crew in place.

Audition / Rehearsal / Production dates

Tuesday 16th April in Bicester.

Job payment

Paid - National minimum wage

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Charlie Adams (age 18)

Charlie is an 18 year old A-level student who suffers from teenage self doubt, not helped by being in the shadow of his more popular best friend, Josh. He has had a long term crush on fellow student Kaylee who he has known since reception class, but has been too shy and clumsy to do anything about it until he gets drunk at a party and embarrassingly declares his love for her in front of all their friends. During the course of the film their romance develops.

Male, aged 18 to 25

Applications closed 11 April 2019.

Josh Gardner (age 18)

In contrast to Charlie, Josh is brash, bold and arrogant. Unlike Charlie he has no difficulty getting girlfriends and revels in the fact that he can have the pick of the girls at school. He’s fit and good-looking. He’s also a mathematical genius which comes in very handy for working out the mechanics of the Time Bubble and also for his future experiments into time travel which he will work on when he graduates from Oxford.

Male, aged 18 to 25

Applications closed 11 April 2019.

Kaylee Thomas (age 18)

Kaylee is blonde and beautiful in an English rose kind of way and likes to wear traditional, feminine outfits - long dresses that show off her figure. Serene and pure, she has been saving herself for the right one, who she knows deep down is Charlie. Due to both their reticence it takes a while for them to get there. She has a difficult relationship with her sister leading to a big row that ends with her getting trapped in the Time Bubble.

Female, aged 18 to 25

Applications closed 11 April 2019.

Lauren Watson (age 18)

Lauren is Kaylee’s best friend, but has very different moral outlook on life. She is obsessed with sex and she has no qualms about leaping into bed with anyone who takes her fancy. She dresses in a tarty and provocative manner. She is also extremely feisty and woe betide anyone who gets on the wrong side of her. Fiercely protective of Kaylee, she’s very harsh on Charlie to begin with but softens when she realises he’s the right one for her.

Female, aged 18 to 25

Applications closed 11 April 2019.

Peter Grant (age 48)

Peter is an English teacher with a lifelong love of science fiction, particularly Doctor Who, whom the teenagers confide in when things start to get out of hand with the Time Bubble. He has problems of his own - a wife who has left him for another man and a terminal diagnosis of leukaemia. Despite all this, he’s still an attractive man in his late forties and the discovery of the Time Bubble gives him not only a new lease of life, but a burgeoning new romance with younger policewoman, Hannah.

Male, aged 38 to 55

Applications closed 11 April 2019.

Hannah Benson (age 27)

Hannah is an enthusiastic and ambitious young policewoman who has just taken her sergeant’s exams and is looking to rise up the ranks. However, she is frustrated by the lack of excitement in her town, wanting more from the job than issuing fixed penalty notices to people dropping cigarette butts. She is one of the first people to fall into the Time Bubble and accordingly becomes part of the team, leading to her romance with Peter.

Female, aged 26 to 38

Applications closed 11 April 2019.

Daniel Fisher (age 18 - secondary character)

Daniel is an obnoxious, overweight and thoroughly unpleasant schoolboy who delights in making his classmates lives a misery. He takes any opportunity to get them into trouble, thinking nothing of grassing them up to teachers or trying to get them in trouble with the police. When he’s not doing that he’s normally shovelling food into his mouth or spouting his outdated, misogynistic opinions.

Male, aged 18 to 25

Applications closed 11 April 2019.

Richard Kent (age 42 - secondary character)

Kent is the local detective inspector, a job he is not very good at. Major crimes in the town are few and far between and even when they do happen, he never manages to solve them. Approaching middle age and with a rapidly expanding waistline he has been described as a dinosaur by his new boss who has hinted at the threat of redundancy. Accordingly Kent goes all out to solve the case of Kaylee’s disappearance, seeing it as his big chance to impress, but he gets it all spectacularly wrong.

Male, aged 35 to 48

Applications closed 11 April 2019.

Andy Green (age 41 - secondary character)

A local drunk whose main purpose in life seems to be to drink himself to death on his redundancy money. Many moons ago he nearly had a successful music career and appeared on a popular talent show, but blew his chances. Now he spends his days drifting around the town’s pubs, irritating the staff and customers. No-one takes anything he says seriously so when he loses a whole day in the Time Bubble they just assume he’s had a drunken blackout.

Male, aged 35 to 46

Applications closed 11 April 2019.

Adrian Johnson (age 30 - secondary character)

Adrian is an unambitious police officer who is quite content going through the motions in order to pick his pay cheque up at the end of the month. Already he is being eclipsed by his younger colleague, Hannah, but it doesn’t bother him as the two of them get on well. This is usually at the expense of their boss, Kent, who he enjoys gently winding up. Although only 12 years younger than Kent, they are of different generations and Adrian always rebuffs Kent’s offers of a drink after work.

Male, aged 25 to 35

Applications closed 11 April 2019.

Secondary/Minor Roles

There are plenty of opportunities for minor casting such as: - Student extras - Post man - Members of the public in restaurants/pubs - People who travel through the time bubble without realising - TV News reporter - Peter's daughter Jess

Anyone, aged 18 to 60

Applications closed 11 April 2019.

Applications closed: 11 April 2019