Sydney Film School

Female Actor Required For Supporting Role In Romantic Short Film

New South Wales, Australia

Casting complete. Applications are now closed.

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In need of a female actor (18-25yrs) for a Supporting Role in a short film for Sydney Film School to be screened at the Sydney Film School festival and make a festival run.

The short film follows the story of Desmond and Allie Whittaker, a young and recently married couple whose relationship is brittle and slowly but surely coming to an end.
Desperately trying to hold onto each other, they know that soon enough they're going to have to let go. Their unhealthy relationship marks itself as a source for Allie's deteriorating mental health - leading to her suicide, which soon enough sends Desmond down a path of guilt.

Rehearsal / production dates

Rehearsals will be held toward the end of April (exact dates tba.). Production will be over 2 consecutive days in the middle of May (exact dates tba.)

Job compensation



Allie Whittaker

Allie Whittaker, young and recently married. Depressed and coming to terms with her suicidal thoughts - clings to and tries to maintain her broken relationship with her husband, Desmond. She's not outspoken and relatively keeps to herself, not at all speaking about her mental health but instead putting on a smile until she decides enough is enough.

Females, aged 18 to 25 from New South Wales, Australia

  • Acting experience: Previous unpaid speaking roles - Previous paid speaking roles
Applications closed: 2 May 2017

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