Sydney Film School

The 4am Show - Crew

New South Wales, Australia

Casting complete. Applications are now closed.

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The Galaxy's newest and most amazingest TV Show is here.

We can't tell you much more than that because it's top-secret classified!

Ok just a bit then...

* One host, 5 presenters, variety show with live music, lots of top-secret
classified segments, heaps of awesome classified stuff and best of all...
* An interview with Ariana Grande.

Yes that's right, the Princess of Pop. (we've got connections)

We have a team of all Sydney Film School grads and we're looking to find more
amazing experienced crew to help out!

Job compensation


Expenses paid


Camera, lighting, sound and Producer & Production Assistant

Any gender, aged 18 and over from New South Wales, Australia

Applications closed: 19 April 2017

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